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Rose Circle

The Penrose-St. Francis Health Foundation’s Rose Circle is an exclusive group of donors which have very generously included a gift of $100,000 or more to the Foundation in their estate plan. We are truly grateful and humbled by these gracious contributors to our mission.

The Rose Circle is named in honor of Sister Rose Alexius.

In 1900, the Mother House of the Sisters of Charity in Cincinnati, Ohio sent Sister Rose to Colorado to sell Glockner Sanatorium (the precursor to Penrose Hospital), since it had accumulated significant debt. Upon her arrival Sister Rose, with the help of a number of influential people in the community, raised enough funds to pay off the debt and give Glockner a fresh start. She continued to serve Glockner and the community as Superior for the next 19 years.

Sister Rose’s vision continues through our Rose Circle, whose members are lighting the future of our healing ministry and ensuring compassionate, world-class healthcare for our community for generations to come.

Leadership Circle

The Penrose-St. Francis Leadership Circle is comprised of community leaders who collectively support Penrose-St. Francis and the Penrose-St. Francis leadership team with pooled funds to help realize some of the organization’s most important priorities.

It provides flexibility to respond to opportunities in the quickly changing health care environment as well as the fiscal freedom to pursue innovative solutions. It is an entrepreneurial approach.  Leadership Circle members are committed to an exceptional level of generosity to Penrose-St. Francis, through annual gifts of $10,000 (or more) to the Leadership Circle fund.

Our goal is to sustain and build upon an annual membership of 30 investors, for a total of $300,000+ in pooled impact each year.  This is equivalent to the impact from a $6M endowment spinning off 5%.

That’s collective IMPACT!

This group is a collective voice of our community who we inform and engage throughout the year around transforming health and wellness in Colorado Springs and the entire region. The vision of Penrose-St. Francis is to continue to be the leader in transforming care and inspiring health through world-class treatment. We achieve this through retaining the best doctors and nurses, as well as the best resources and technology, to achieve wellness and whole health - - in body, mind and spirit.